Tuesday, April 22, 2014

my amish country

I love living in Amish Country. 

There is so much to see. Things might be dead in the little Amish towns on a Saturday night, but nothing compares to taking a Sunday afternoon drive through my Amish Country and allowing my eyes to feast on all that is available to my eye's pleasure. If I could bring each of my readers on a real Sunday afternoon drive with me, I would. 

I carry my camera with me almost all the time, barring I have to keep it home because I am recharging the batteries. Some folks might say it has become an obsession because my camera is almost always nestled inside my handbag, I am almost always prepared to take a picture or two. 

This is my latest show and tell. 

Last week when we had a cold spell and some snow, it was so cold that when I came out of the store and wanted to open the trunk of my car I saw this icicle growing up. It is right in front of the "R" in Prix. (So, now you all know I drive a dirty black Grand Prix)  

You know that moment you feel like someone is watching you? Well, I was trying to get a good picture of this upside down icicle and it took some maneuvering and I am sure I just looked like a crazy lady taking so long to take a picture or two of the trunk of my car and sure enough when I looked around there was a young fellow sitting in his nice warm truck watching the show. He had this look on his face like, "lady, you are crazy and I can prove it." 

I don't care, I have nothing to prove to anyone. This is the part of life that I like, when I just don't care what other folks think about what I am doing. There is so much freedom in that...and it brought me a chuckle imagining what he was thinking. heh heh

Okay, so, if I had to make up a story for the two men in the next few pictures, I would assume they were part of the Amish Mafia and a "transaction is about to happen." 

See for yourselves.

See what I mean? wink wink

We had to drive behind these young chappies for a little while, long enough for me to get a shot through Mr. Wonderful's truck window. An Amish pick up truck...hauling wood for their parent's cook stove, I'm guessing.

Another Amish pick up. A smaller version. 

Recently Mr. Wonderful and I went to shop for a porch swing and we were told of this place a solid hour from our house, so we made the trek to this place of business and they had a lot going on. They were "excavating the ground with horses and some make-shift plow thingy. I didn't get too many pictures, but I did get the laundry waving in the wind over a very dirty ground underneath. The elements in the picture didn't seem to go together really well, but it was the reality of the day. 

This horse and buggy waiting patiently on his or her owner to leave. 

Finally the young lady and her little girl emerged from the business and here they are getting ready to leave. I wanted to take a more close up picture, but I can't bring myself to get too close, I still try to respect them to a certain extent. If I totally respected their wishes I would never snap any pictures. 

Mr. Wonderful and I own three acres of land. Two of those acres are an actual field because we used to have sheep and raise lambs. Now it stands empty, except for our Amish neighbor now grazes his horses in our field. It helps us because we have less mowing to do and it helps him out with more pastureland for his horses. The other Saturday he and his brother were hauling manure all over the fields. I stepped out into our garage and got a couple good pictures for you all to see. 

I think the fellow in the read shirt is his brother. 

And here is our neighbor and I noticed he had his little girl with him. How cute is that? 

There they are again. 

If you click on this picture you will see the little girl on her daddy's lap inside the bobcat while he is loading the manure spreader with another load of manure. 

Another angle. 

I don't know, this is not so pretty or anything, just some laundry on the line. Maybe I should have omitted this one. Anyway, I uploaded it, so here it is. 

Another fellow plowing his field. I love the dark brown of the freshly plowed ground. 

All these pictures were mostly taken on a whim, just by stopping at the roadside, pulling my camera out of my handbag and clicking away. I have more pictures that I hope to share soon. It is time for me to hit the hay though. Tomorrow morning always comes way too soon. 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

not a cat in the hat, but a cat on a chimney

A few days ago I happened to look out our french door and I saw Alley Cat sitting on top of the little fireplace chimney we have on the patio. I quickly grabbed my camera and starting shooting pictures and then put the camera down and yesterday happened to come across those pictures and I laughed out loud at a few of the poses. 

I don't know what he was thinking, but I think the moment must have been similar to when you find yourself in front of a mirror and you pause and make a face at yourself, and then try it in a different way. Do not deny that you have never made funny faces in the mirror, we all have.

Here are some of Alley Cat's various positions on top of the chimney and what he might have been thinking.. 

"And then I said to myself, self, you could probably crawl up on that thing and hang out, I bet you could even see more from that vantage point. I crawled up there and I was right, the view from up here is phenomenal!"

"You could look straight into the house, I don't even have to move a muscle from this position to do that."  

"If I turn my head ever so slightly I can check out what is going on over by the barn. This proves to be right handy because my sister and my aunt like to sneak up on me and now, well, they can't because I see them first." 

"Hmmm, wonder what is inside this chimney."

"Hey, I think I might smell a mouse!" 

"Nah, not a mouse, but, hmm, this thing tastes good." 

"Wait a minute, are you watching me? Taking my picture?" 

"You know, if she is in there taking my picture, I'm just gonna ignore her, she might get the hint and meooove on." 

"Okay, so you are going stand there and take pictures, let me sing you a song, "Three blind mice, Three blind mice, see how they run..." 

"schnarf, that spot is itchy again."

"This really is a good spot to sit. So much to see." 

"Hickory dickory dock...the mouse ran up the clock...." 

"Oh, time to do my neck exercises and it works just fine up here on the chimney, you can see and do so much from this perch." 

"Kinda wondering if I could curl up on this chimney and not fall into the hole. Nah, don't think so."

"Is that milk down there in that dish, yum, that sounds so good!"

"Is this pose good? You did say to look away from the camera, right?" 

"I think I'm gonna make a leap for it." 

"See ya bye!" 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

our easter

A beautiful day in which to remember that my Savior is risen indeed. 

I woke up to sunshine and warmth on the outside and Mr. Wonderful getting ready to go to church. He had to be there early since he works in the cafe some Sunday mornings. He is becoming quite the barrister, making latte's like he has been doing so for years. 

I attended first service by myself so I could go home and pull together an Easter dinner for our family. Both kids and their families came over after their church services. Our church service was amazing as always. Thought-provoking and inspiring. 

After dinner we took care of the clean up and then headed outside because our daughter had brought candy filled plastic eggs along for a little Easter egg hunt for Little Guy. We had a lot of fun tagging along watching him "find" another one. There were 24 eggs to be found and I think he dusted each one off and had to check the inside of the egg before we could move on to the next one. 

How fun it must be for him to have six adults following him around like we are his entourage.

Later this afternoon we had an hour or so of time to relax and then my parents, sister and great aunt stopped by for a few hours just to sit and visit. 

And now, it is quiet and I've just uploaded a couple pictures of Little Guy and his first Easter egg hunt. 

Little Guy didn't know for sure what to do with the Easter basket, so he spread the grass all over the floor and on his uncle. 

And there was the sad basket on its side.  

Here's one! 

Here's another one!

Heading to his basket with another one. 

Picking up his basket. 

There he goes. 

Counting how many eggs now. 

Left alone. 

Uncles can be helpful.

Checking out the inside. 

His dad came to the rescue in closing the opened eggs.

And that is about it for this time. 

Happy Easter!